The ARCK and KAYAKS Programs provide therapeutic counselling services to separated or divorced children and young people ages five to 18 or Mums and Dads.

Who is our Service for?

Any children or parents experiencing family separation or divorce that want to:

Accept and better understand the situation

Share and make sense of their experience

Find ways to deal with their emotions

Build resilience skills for life

Reduce conflict

Develop and maintain a co-parenting relationship

Who are we?

We are a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals.

How do we work?

We provide therapeutic intervention for separated and divorced families.

Our aim is to reduce conflict and assist parents developing and maintaining a co-parenting relationship.The programs take a child-focused view and utilise Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) to bring in the voice of the child.

What do we offer?

Group therapy and individual counselling for children aged five to 18 years from separated families, and separated or divorced Mums and Dads.

Kids and Youth Are Kool Post-Separation

A program for children and young people aged five to 18 years whose parents and care givers are separated or divorced.


Assisting Responsible Care for Kids

1. Talking With Your Kids (TWYK)
This is the prerequisite for joining the ARCK program. TWYK gives separated parents strategies on communicating in a way that does not put children in the middle of the conflict. It runs once a month, alternating during the day and the evening.

ONE SEMINAR (2.5 hours)

2. Keeping Kids in Mind (KKIM)
This is a program for parents who are separated or divorced. This group looks at: grief and loss after separation; the hidden world of children; rebuilding resilience; bridging the gap between parents, and looking back and moving forward. KKIM aims to have a mixture of mothers and fathers in each course to enable all parents’ perspectives to be experienced

FIVE WEEKLY SESSIONS (three hours each). Must attend TWYK seminar first.

3. ARCK Individual Counselling and Therapeutic Plans 
For those who are experiencing ongoing difficulties co-parenting their children, the third component of the ARCK Program is the opportunity for individual counselling and therapeutic plans. The Program is structured around five weeks which comprises an initial assessment, risk assessment, Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) feedback and three counselling sessions.


We welcome direct enquiries from parents and carers as well as referrals from other professionals working with children and families.

FREE CALL 1800 427 920  |  [email protected]

ARCK and KAYAKS is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Service (DSS).
A small fee for service and a waiting period may apply.